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It is one thing to have legal issues and it is another to have a team of able and capable lawyers within your reach at your earliest convenience.

At Livingspring Solicitors, we offer timely and bespoke legal services to our client.

One of the benefits of subscribing for our legal retainer plan is the confidence of having a team of great legal minds and thought leaders within your reach and at Livingspring Solicitors, we offer unique Legal Retainer Plans to our clients (present & prospect) to suit either their personal, business needs or both.

Our Legal Retainer Plans are pocket friendly and convenient to subscribe to, and they are grouped into two (2) major category;

  1. The Prepaid Legal Retainer Plan (PREP), and
  2. The Postpaid Legal Retainer Plan (POP)

General Legal Retainer

Under the general Legal Retainer we have the following plans:

Prepaid Retainer Subscription Plan (PREP):

Our PREP is a pre-payment subscription based retainer plan. What this is means is that, we offer you legal services for a specified period and you pay us afterwards.

This is how it works!

Upon the filling of our PRP Form and payment of the registration fees, a RETAINER AGREEMENT will be executed between you (depending on the type of retainer you choose) and our firm to legally cement the relationship.

Each party will have a copy of the Retainer Agreement.

Postpaid Retainer Subscription Plan: (POP)

The Postpaid Retainer Subscription Plan is for;

  1. Business startups with financial hiccups, zero funding and no clientele base
  2. Financially crumbled businesses who have been in operation for a minimum of 12 months

You are at liberty to subscribe to the postpaid plan if you fall into any of the category.


Now, under this two (category), we offer four (4) major types of Legal Retainer 

Private Legal Retainer Plan, which is for;

    • Personal Use, and/or
    • Family Use (Nuclear or Extended)

Business Legal Retainer Plan, for;

        • Startups
        • SMEs
        • Large Scale Businesses

Corporate Legal Retainer Plan, for;

      • Large Companies
      • Group of Companies
      • Holding Companies
      • Conglomerates
      • Multinationals
      • Government Sectors, Community based and Charitable Service providers

Property & Facility Management Retainer

This Retainer engages us as lawyers to manage clients’ properties, facilities and the entire estate of the person or corporate entity

The Creditors Special Package

This Legal Retainer Plan is strictly for Finance Companies, Finance Service Providers and Money Lenders uniquely created to enable them setup, build and grow legally protected, better organized and more profitable credit business.