Debt Recovery Services

At Livingspring Solicitors, we offer the following debt recovery services:

Special Debt Recovery Services:

We have the “Lis Recovery Team” which comprises of Lawyers at Livingspring Solicitors, Debt Collectors at Lis Debt Recovery Company Ltd. and Trainers/Coaches at the Lis School of Business Recovery Ltd. creating a formidable force to thoroughly and effectively, handle, manage and train on Debt/Business Recovery issues, Loan Procurement and Credit Management briefs from clients’ from any part of the world.

Most of our debt recovery matters is a “walk in the park” (in the absence of ambiguity). Our team members are not just trained as lawyers but also as accredited Insolvency Practitioners, Credit Managers, Data Collectors and Debt Recovery experts, having a high experience and proven result oriented background in debt recovery matters, financial advisory and liquidation of which we have successfully recovered over a billion naira (N1, 000,000,000.00) in the past years for individuals, foreign investors, private and corporate enterprises, money lenders, micro-finance and commercial banks.

International Debt Recovery

As worldwide debt recovery Lawyers, we offer international, cross boarder debt recovery services to our clients through hassle-free quotation, Ethical and Equitable Debt Collection, National Debt Recovery, Report Delivery, our Customized Reports, Cost-Effective Debt Recovery Litigation, Face to Face meeting with Debtor, Debtor Account Management etc.

We also partner with Businesses that offer products/services to customers in International Markets and local Debt Recovery Agents, to work with us.

Personal and Private Debt Recovery:

At Livingspring Solicitors, we provide quick, stress-free and cost-effective debt recovery services to individuals for the collection of their money from debtors who have not paid on time on credit given out either as private money lenders or on a friendly loan terms.

Business Debt Recovery


We offer two major times of Debt Recovery services for businesses.

The B2B debt recovery; which is a specific type of debt recovery for a business from another business.

The B2C debt Recovery; is a type of debt recovery against an individual customer owing a business.

So, whether your debtor is a business like yours or an individual/private debtor, we will recover monies owed to you from either or both in the most professional and civil manner.

Debt and Credit Management

We help our clients (individual or business) in putting their debts under control through financial planning and budgeting and the goal is to help you lower your current debt and move toward eliminating it either through debt recovery or debt repayment plan.

We also investigate and analyze the creditworthiness of loan applicants to our clients who are finance providers by helping them put necessary legal structures and measures in place to ensure a timely and effective repayment process.

Our Strategy;

Assessment of Debt Issue

Background check and investigation of the debtor

Interfacing with the debtor

Mapping out modalities of payment

Formalize the modalities of payment and

Recover the sum instructed

In most cases, we understand that either creditors or debtors though need cash flow but may also want to retain a good business relationship with their business partners, and so, we map out possible strategies to ensure case flow for our clients by exploring other options such as; Debts Consolidation, Debts Management, Debts Settlement, Debts Restructuring, Debts For Equity Swap, Bondholder Haircuts, Informal Debt Repayment Agreements, Invoice Discounting Agreement, Debt Refinancing, Tax Avoidance/Reduction etc. and we place these options before our clients while we concurrently undergo the debt recovery process.

The strategy to explore and option made available is based on the financial status of our client after a thorough scrutiny of their business and financial situation.

We are no doubt the best in this game!

Who we represent during recovery processes


We represent both creditors and debtors in recovery processes, but, where we represent debtors, we explore divers debt repayment options such as debt restructuring, debt reconsolidation etc., and ensure that a workable repayment plan is drawn, endorsed by the Creditor and complied with to the letter until all outstanding are fully recovered, thereby saving our debtor client from any form of formal and/or informal embarrassment, possible insolvency and/or compulsory bankruptcy.

Investors and Creditors:

Investors; No doubt that investment is a must for every individual and businesses who wants to create a long lasting wealth and move from point 1 to 100. We also do agree that investment is a risk on its own, however, it is our firm belief that only well calculated and structured investment risk should be taken, hence, the need to guide our investing clients in their investment choices, be it in savings accounts, stocks, certificates of deposits, bonds, mutual funds, real estates, commodities, annuities, crypto currencies etc.

For our investing clients, we conduct absolute due diligence to ensure that the company in which they intend to invest in, is genuine and well secured and advise on the best means and procedure of investment to enable them reap a high Return on Investment (ROI), avoid costly legal mistakes and protect them from being scammed in the process. We also ensure that our clients’ investment are well secured so that in event of liquidation, bankruptcy or winding up of the invested company or entity, their interest is well protected and comes first on the list of Creditors to be paid.

Creditors: For our clients who are Creditors, we help them to recover funds outside and also map out means of constant possible cash flow such as Discounting Invoicing, while the recovery processes is still ongoing.

Money Lenders:

We provide proactive legal and risk compliance processes for our client in the business of money lending both in the private, public or government sector whether they are Banking Financial Institutions (BFI) such as Bureaux-de-Change (BDCs), Commercial Banks, Development Finance Institutions (DFI’s), Discount Houses, Finance Companies (FCs), Holding Company (HCs), Merchant Banks, Micro-finance Banks (MFBs), Non-Interest Banks, Primary Mortgage Banks (PMBs), Payment Service Banks (PSBs) or they are Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) such as Savings Associations, Credit unions, Money market funds, Mutual funds (investment companies), Hedge funds, Security brokers and dealers, Finance companies, Financial holding companies, Life and property/casualty insurance companies.


We further ensure that our clients are strategically positioned to avoid unnecessary future risk and unpaid loans by their prospect customers and pay keen attention to the process of loan procurement, consumer credit, credit management by providing a more preventive rather than curative strategies.