Startups Structure and Advisory

Startups Structure

We render legal and advisory services to newly established businesses. Our job to startups is to foresee possible and likely legal issues that may occur soon or in the nearest future, and help them to successfully avert or fix them.

We also ensure that the right legal structures are put in place, all permits, approvals and licenses are processed and obtained from the relevant authorities and bodies as it concerns the industry of the startup and ensure that our clients’ businesses are well protected from the beginning.

In order to ensure a well-structured and legally protected business, we analyze our clients businesses, proffer protective and preventive solutions, manage and ensure growth and global expansion using Legal Structures.

At LiS, we help startups and smart entrepreneurs take-off on the right side of the law through;

  1. Company Incorporation or Business Registration
  2. Post Incorporation Transactions
  3. Legal Compliance to government polices
  4. Corporate Secretarial services
  5. Registration of Startups Intellectual Properties (Trademark, Patent, Copy Rights etc.)
  6. Startups Legal Retainer (monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  7. Drafting and Review of Contracts and Agreements, etc.

We are ever ready to help startups and businesses in building a global business brand that will stand the test of time and the heat of market polices by putting the appropriate legal structures and mechanism in place.

You are covered !!!