Information Technology and Intellectual Property

Information Technology and Intellectual Property

Information Technology:

The world has indeed become a global village due to technology and the application of information Technology law in several businesses such as contract, intellectual property, data privacy and protection laws through computer, software, hardware and network technology is on the increase.

Hence, we ensure that our clients are well abreast and guided on what is expected of them as they use technology to offer their goods and services to the public and world at large.

Our experience spreads across many fields such as;

  1. Software development,
  2. Licensing and maintenance,
  3. E-commerce transactions
  4. Sales of businesses with significant intellectual property assets
  5. Preparation and negotiation of a variety of technology-related agreements, including (but not limited to) Non-compete, non-solicitation, Nondisclosure etc.

Intellectual Property

One of the most valuable asset of any company or organization is its Intellectual Property. Hence, we are committed to counselling our clients on establishing and protecting their intellectual capital, such as patents, copyright, trademark law, licensing, franchising, distribution, technology transfers, Trade secret, Licensing and unfair competition