Business & Corporate Restructuring

Our special expertise when it comes to Business & Corporate Restructuring covers the following line of practice:

Business Recovery & Insolvency:

More often than not, a lot of business gets disrupted due to factors that may arise either internally, externally or even both. And this factors cost loss of money, revenues and reduced profits. The truth is, even if a business is insured, Insurance does not cover all costs and cannot replace customers that defect to competitors due to those disrupting factors and this is where we come in as business recovery experts; which is to map out a business continuity plan, source for new funding strategies, restructure the company’s affairs including assets and debts, and counseling on possible formal insolvency solutions such as; Company Voluntary Arrangement or company administration.

As business recovery lawyers and insolvency practitioners, it is our duty to identity the financial issue and status of our clients’ business and once we recognized that a problem exists and that the company is in danger of entering insolvency, we help assess the situation properly, analyze, and guide our clients’ towards the best business recovery options, such as;

  • Cash flow management
  • Debt recovery & enforcement
  • Redefining Directors’ duties, liabilities and disqualifications
  • Offer distressed businesses & Business recovery advice
  • Set up Personal guarantees
  • Explore Refinancing, Administrations & Receiverships
  • Advice on Landlord & tenant insolvency
  • Sale/acquisition of commercial property by/from insolvent companies and individuals
  • Retention of title claim
  • Map out workable Corporate Structures and Re-structure
  • Opine on Wrongful Trading Claims (WTC)
  • Test Voluntary arrangements & liquidation

Corporate Restructuring

In every business and industry, there is a time to start small, grow gradually, expend massively, partner with others and explode globally.

At LiS, we understand this and that when a company wants to grow or survive in a competitive environment, it needs to restructure itself and focus on its competitive advantage and whether small or large scale company, growth is inevitable and a must if a company is to remain relevant in its market space.

Hence, we help our clients in the whole Corporate Restructuring process by rearranging the business of its company with key focus on cost reduction, effectiveness, improving efficiency and ensuring that they are better organized and more profitable. We also help our clients to see and realize that in today’s business world, restructuring is not an option but a conscious choice to be made.

During the restructuring exercise, we aim at eliminating disadvantages, and combining advantages, synergy benefits through a thought-out, properly analyzed and well-planned restructuring strategies such as; Mergers and Acquisitions, Demergers, reverse mergers, Take overs, Private Acquisitions, Divestment, Strategic Partnership and Alliance etc.

In the end, our main goal is to ensure that the strategies explored, are the best for our clients in the circumstance after a thorough scrutiny of their legal, organizational, productivity and profitability status.