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What we do

At LiS, our activities are anchored on three (3) threshold; Law Practice, Advisory Services and Dispute Resolutions

Law Practice

We are duly called and licensed to practice law in Nigeria and as Legal Practitioners, we are versatile in Nigerian and foreign Laws in our areas of expertise.

It is a popular saying that “change is the only constant thing in life” so also Law Practice is not stagnant, it is ever-changing, and this is why our Attorneys evolve with time to meet up with legal changes, through periodic trainings, coaching, varies professional certifications (local and international) in order to be in tune with the trends and needs of our clients’

It is okay to call and refer to us as the “en vogue lawyers”

Advisory Services

We offer bespoke Legal Advisory services to clients (present/prospect) to help them avoid or fix legal mistakes in their daily and business transactions.

As a Law Firm tailored to the needs of business and corporate stakeholders, we guide our clients in business set up, cessation of business, bankruptcy, liquidation process, winding up of a company, corporate governance, business restructuring, debt recovery, financing, credit management, investment schemes, legal compliance and all that is needed for them to start, grow and run a legitimate business within the confines of the Law.

Our advisory services is majorly pinned to position our clients’ businesses and personal concerns to stand and survive the heat in their divers industry and field.

Dispute Resolutions

Time, they say is money! And we cannot agree less!!

Hence, when it comes to personal, business and commercial disputes, our singular goal is to protect the underlying interest of our clients’ and ensure that we save our clients’ time, resources and still help them pull through any dispute by exploring the best Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) route in the circumstance other than an express law suit.

Our line of thought is that, a disputing party today, might become a business partner tomorrow, hence, we seek to develop, maintain and foster cordial relationship between our clients and third parties, which we believe is healthier for their businesses and personal relationships.

Therefore, it is our practice to ONLY resort to a Law Suit if and when all other means of Alternative Dispute Resolution have been exhausted.